Homeowners Service Company

Gerry Yost of Homeowners Service Company, San Antonio, Texas
Manager, Calder Park Condominium Owners Association

Homeowners Service Company is dedicated to providing excellent service to Homeowners Associations and Condominium Associations in San Antonio and surrounding areas. We have been providing Property Management service to Associations with as many as 700 homes and as few as 22 homes and condominiums. We perform our duties and responsibilities at the direction of the Board of Directors of these Associations on a daily basis. We are proud to have the opportunity to manage the Calder Park Condominium Association and look forward to providing the best of service for the Owners in this exceptional project.

Having over 22 years of experience in managing Associations, I always strive to provide timely information and reports to all Owners, and answer any questions to resolve issues related to their ownership. Through continuing education, I am able to keep the Board Members informed of any changes in the Texas Property Code Rules for Associations. I am also a Texas Licensed Realtor. This has helped me to understand the Owners’ concerns and to help them to maintain and increase the value of their property.

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